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My Interview with Investor's Business Daily Thumbnail

My Interview with Investor's Business Daily

[S]ocially responsible investing has hit its stride. Increasingly, investors want their portfolio to reflect their values. To keep pace, advisors are learning more about sustainable investing. There's even a new professional credential awarded to those who complete a course of study on green investing principles... the CSRIC (Chartered Socially Responsible Investing Counselor)

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The pros and cons of CD investing Thumbnail

The pros and cons of CD investing

“One might ask — why would you lock up your money for a year to get the same interest rate (1.5 percent) that you can get in an online savings account?” asks Gordon Achtermann, founder of Your Best Path Financial Planning in Annandale, Virginia. “The only answer that makes sense to me is..."

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AARP Magazine Quotation Thumbnail

AARP Magazine Quotation

Don't invest based on how you think the election will turn out, or how it eventually does... On the night Donald Trump was elected, the Dow Jones Industrial Average [futures] signaled an impending 900-point drop, but actually rose 257 points the next day.

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Should you convert to a Roth IRA? Thumbnail

Should you convert to a Roth IRA?

"If you’re a high earner or invest in a traditional IRA, you might be planning to convert your account to a Roth for some tax savings and easy access to your contributions, depending on your circumstances. When to convert, though, is a question with a million different considerations."

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6 Kinds of FInancial Planners Thumbnail

6 Kinds of FInancial Planners

"In Vanguard’s analysis, advisors’ alphas more than pay for their collective fees. I agree with Vanguard’s conclusion, but I think that for most people the next category offers a better buy. 4. The Hourly Planner."

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