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Notes Along the Path June 2019 Thumbnail

Notes Along the Path June 2019

Kids learn the basics in school–reading, writing, and arithmetic. But schools avoid almost any instruction about money. Here in Virginia, they do far more than most states. Civics in 8th grade and Personal Finance is a graduation requirement for High School. The problem is the content is short on actual advice, and the timing is long after habits are formed.

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Notes Along the Path May 2019 Thumbnail

Notes Along the Path May 2019

We all want what is best for our children. ...most of us want them to attend college. For some, it’s not just about going to a university but being accepted by and graduating from the “right one.” ...the pressure today is enormous, although, if we are honest, self-imposed. And I mean you, the parents.

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Notes ALong the Path April 2019 Thumbnail

Notes ALong the Path April 2019

“A recession is coming! A recession is coming!” Well, that’s not quite the story, but given the seemingly non-ending talk about a recession, you might think that economists are channeling Paul Revere’s midnight ride. Yes, a recession is eventually inevitable, but is it imminent?

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March 2019 Client Letter Thumbnail

March 2019 Client Letter

It’s common practice for the president or CEO of a company to include a letter to shareholders in the annual report. Berkshire Hathaway’s chairman and CEO, Warren Buffett, is famous for many things, but his annual letter to shareholders in an event many investors anticipate most eagerly.

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