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10 Tips for Maximizing Financial Aid Thumbnail

10 Tips for Maximizing Financial Aid

College tuition is so expensive that even high-income families can get offers of financial aid.  Your first step is to complete the federal forms, and then contact the school directly to further negotiate a financial aid package.

Every year the College Board faces a public relations challenge: how to accurately report trends in college pricing without discouraging high school students from going on to college. So in addition to its annual booklet “Trends in College Pricing,” the College Board publishes the annual report “Trends in Student Aid,” which describes the widespread availability of money for college. Both publications run 40 pages or more.

And to make sure students and parents understand why they should spend all this money or take out all these loans, there’s the report “Education Pays,” which offers a cost-benefit analysis in its 50 or so pages.

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Please share this timely information with anyone you know who has a high school senior at home.

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