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Getting Married Planning Checklist Thumbnail

Getting Married Planning Checklist

Life Events Planning Checklist: Getting Married

To print or save --> Getting Married Planning Checklist.pdf

Before Wedding

  • Make time for big conversations about money.  For example: how will you handle one partner's debt?  How will you make decisions on spending and saving?  Will you pool your money and pay bills from a joint account or keep money separate and assign certain bills to one person? 
  • Create New Projections with Updated Cash Flow
  • Review Updated Liquidity Needs
  • Review and Update Financial Goals -New Short and Long-Term Goals Because of Marriage
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreement if needed
  • Decide on Titling of Accounts -Joint Accounts or Separate?
  • Review Insurance to Make Sure There is Sufficient Coverage
  • Review Future Spouse's Investments, 401(k), Etc.

After Wedding

  • Make Sure All Estate Documents are Updated
  • Take a Look at Balance Sheet and Update Assets and Liabilities
  • Make Changes to Titling of Accounts if Needed
  • Decide on Beneficiaries for Accounts
  • Review Tax Situation with CPA
  • Review all of these items with your financial advisor.

While this check list can start as a guide, speaking to an independent fiduciary financial planner is the best way to get your financial life in order.  Reach out to us today!

All the Best !

Gordon Achtermann

Your Best Path Financial Planning