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What is financial planning?


How do you select investments for a client?


What is a financial planner or advisor?


What is a Fiduciary?


What is fee-only financial planning?


What if I need to obtain insurance or other financial products?


My spouse and I are just getting started in building for our future. We need help and guidance. Will you accept us as clients?


Who benefits from your service?


I have already accumulated assets and I think I am doing well – but things are getting more complicated. I want to be sure I’m on the right track. Can you help me?


What type of securities do you provide advice for?


If I use Your Best Path Financial Planning for investment advice, am I obligated to use the recommended products?


What is your investment philosophy?


How do you price your services?


Do I have to come to your office?


Do you work with people outside of Northern Virginia?


How can I get started?


Your first step is an initial inquiry.  Call me at 703-573-7325 or get on my calendar.  After that I'll send you some materials to look over before our discovery meeting - where we’ll discuss which of our services is appropriate for you.  The end result is a greater peace of mind.  Reach out today.