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What is financial planning?


Done right, financial planning is a process that helps you answer the following questions:

  1. Where you are financially today? We review your current financial situation.
  2. Where you want to go? We find out what you want – your objectives and goals for the future and the values that drive them.
  3. How are we going to get there? We create the map – an detailed plan of action.

Your Best Path Financial Planning follows 7 steps for financial success. Learn more about our process.

Everyone needs financial advice from time to time. Whatever areas need attention, we are here to help, from discrete questions to comprehensive planning of complex situations.


How do you select investments for a client?


What is a financial planner or advisor?


What is a Fiduciary?


What is fee-only financial planning?


What if I need to obtain insurance or other financial products?


My spouse and I are just getting started in building for our future. We need help and guidance. Will you accept us as clients?


Who benefits from your service?


I have already accumulated assets and I think I am doing well – but things are getting more complicated. I want to be sure I’m on the right track. Can you help me?


What type of securities do you provide advice for?


If I use Your Best Path Financial Planning for investment advice, am I obligated to use the recommended products?


What is your investment philosophy?


How do you price your services?


Do I have to come to your office?


Do you work with people outside of Northern Virginia?


How can I get started?