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What You Can Expect - Our 7 Step Process

"Your Plan Will Work because you will help create it, you will understand it, and you will know what steps to take."

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Step 1:

Initial Inquiry

Step 2:

Discovery Meeting

Discovery Part I

Your Role: 

Before you come, fill out a Confidential Questionnaire.  This free tool can be a great way to get organized and take charge of your financial information.  Don’t let the detail be a barrier to getting started, but the more you bring to the first meeting, the better we can help you prioritize.


Our Role: 


Listen.  Answer your questions.  We work with you to identify your goals and financial plan design challenges.  We provide a free quote, identify needed information, and discuss the time-frame.

Step 3:

Data Gathering & Prototyping

Discovery Part II

Step 4:

Feedback Meeting

Step 5:


Step 6:

Presentation of Your Financial Plan

Step 7:

On-Going Services