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Your Best Path

Independent, Fee-Only, Fiduciary financial planning in Fairfax, Virginia.

The name of our firm communicates moving forward, reaching toward one's deepest aspirations.

But more than that, each word is, by itself, a declaration of our values.

~ Gordon Achtermann


Every one of us has a unique story.  My philosophy is that every financial plan should be connected to and reflect that unique story.  So for me to help you as best I can, I need to know where you came from and where you want to go.  Any planner can get into the dry facts, but when we get acquainted I will take the time to listen to, and hear, you – your values, your dreams, your story – with empathy and optimism.  The way forward will be uniquely, distinctly yours.


What is best for you?  There are a lot of different types of financial advisors – financial salespeople, bankers, brokers, insurance agents and so on.  I get it.  It’s confusing.  However, I feel strongly that there is a best model for serving clients.  Some key elements:

  • I am a fiduciary to my clients at all times.  This means I have to put your interests first, ahead of my own.  This commitment extends to every aspect of every interaction we have.  
  • I am a fee-only advisor – I get paid by the client and only by the client.
  • I am independent.  I have no corporate parent to please.
  • Yet I am connected.  As a member of the Garrett Planning Network I have access to a deep, collaborative network of hundreds of experienced practitioners, some of whom are also CPAs, Financial Analysts, or Attorneys.  
  • I am committed to eliminating conflicts of interest as much as possible and serving clients from all walks of life.  


Financial Planning is a journey.  Like a hike in the mountains there will be some work involved. You will have to gather information, talk about your present situation and your goals for the future.  Oftentimes trade-offs will have to be weighed.  But in the end you will have a clear view of the road ahead and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have this handled.

I work with people and families in their peak earning years or on either side of retirement because that is when the complexities of your financial life increase.  Taking the best path now will pay off in a significant way in the future.

Are You Saving Enough for Retirement?

I hope you enjoy exploring my site.  

When you are ready, click the green "Schedule a Meeting" button on any page to schedule a time for us to talk.  

There is no fee for our time getting to know each other.